By Mykela



Zelma is a very prejudice person who lives in Daliium Kingdom. During the parade where the king and queen show off the contestants to the kingdom people, Zelma speaks against Mi’atsha because she is sure Mi’atsha is a witch. In Zelma’s mind all witches are bad and the people should burn them all at the stake.

In book two, you learn the Zelma is trying to gather followers to see what they can do against Mi’atsha to kill her or get rid of her and her group consists of some women, a man, and Dallia and Kensa.

By book four, King Dunhurst expels her from the kingdom, when he expels Mister and Missus Baker from the kingdom. Much to Zelma’s dismay, Missus Baker heads to Queen Zash’hura, so Queen Zash’hura can repair her hand.

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