By Mykela

Dr. Hyhands


Dr. Hyhands is the doctor in North Pointe Villa. The reader meets him after Kyltie receives a bite from a Ravenous Viporus. Dr. Hyhands easily diagnoses the bite and tells Kyrian and Kyrsha he can only apply herbs and a bandage, but the cure is within the City of the Ancients. He is very blunt with his analysis and he doesn’t seem to have the ‘bedside manners’ of doctors who want to sugarcoat the bad news to their patients.

Dr. Hyhands lets Kyrsha borrow his book, so Kyrsha can read about it for herself and none of the three really believe Dr. Hyhands doom and gloom story.

In the book, Kyrsha reads about the siblings, the city, and the orb keys. The story references this book many times and the book is the reason Kyrian, Kyrsha, and Kyltie originally head to the port.

Doctors in this time period, can do the things doctors do, but they also know quite a bit about herbs as well. Dr. Hyhands has many herbs in his office or shop.

In the story, the village knows that Dr. Hyhands goes to the port often to send or receive medicine, but the village doesn’t stop to think that the port closed shortly after Kyrian, Kyrsha, and Kyltie moved to the village because of pirates on the open seas. Later in the story a few villagers question it or the oddity of it.

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