By Mykela

Operatives III: Engaging in Planetary Battle


The operatives along with some aliens they met along the way down the highway exit onto a planet. Alyson is hopeful that it is the planet she is looking for-planet Glaasik. Glaasik is the planet where the Gilun aliens originated. They have a lot of technology and they have helped Alyson in the past survive her draft that the military has her under. They supply her with weapons and immunizations, along with numerous other things. They even have technology to beam onto and off a planet, but the Reilorvells have the technology to disrupt a beam and kill the person, or alien, or to damage equipment and weapons, so the Gilun that are on the planet cannot leave on a ship, they can’t beam to a ship in orbit, nor can other Giluns return home.

So far, the operatives have witnessed some heavy firepower from different aliens, including tangelos and vaporizers, and they have a shield of sorts that they wear on their non dominant hand that they can use against different weapons. The shield or ion splicer can do more than shield them, but the operatives are unfamiliar with the technology or all the benefits. Alyson doesn’t know too much about the Reilorvells, but as the operatives traverse the planet to find the Giluns’ compound she learns about the Reilorvells’ weapons and the level of power her team will be up against.

After her team exited the alien highway, they found some soldiers from earth and those soldiers have joined her and her team. That increases her numbers a little bit. Still, she doesn’t know how many she will be up against, but she has a weapon in reserve. She has the ingredients of siltus and wivers, which she will use to make some very powerful bombs. Bombs scare her and she doesn’t want to use them, so much so that Tamisha her supply person can’t access the compartment with the ingredients and neither can Laura her hacker. She alone knows the code. José her bomb person is eager to get the ingredients and make the bombs, but Alyson wants him to be more careful about the residue of substances first.

The operatives, guest aliens, and soldiers all know planetary battle, but as they come across things across the planet, including pterodactyl like birds, they aren’t sure they can survive the planet much less a battle. Still, the operatives know Alyson has knowledge and skills and the soldiers are learning quickly that they are much better off with General Alcott (Alyson) then they were with Commander Drom.

Does Alyson have enough fire power to win the battle? Even though her operatives are the tops of their fields, will their skills be enough? Will fire power alone win the battle, or does Alyson and her team also need to use all of their paranormal skills as well?

Join Alyson’s team and help them win the planetary battle, that will test each and every one of them.

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