By Mykela

Operatives Series


Operatives is a slightly futuristic series. In the first book, the reader starts on earth and meets the team and the team leader Alyson. The reader and the team also learn that aliens on earth are real and some of the aliens can take on a human’s face. The leader, Alyson, knows about aliens and works with good aliens and the military knows she knows about the alien highway. The military also knows she knows more that she tells and they gain a little information every time they send her down the highway, but they too don’t know the depth of the aliens inhabiting earth. Early in the book one a minor character tells that some aliens come to earth to avoid war or avoid becoming slaves, and one of Alyson’s goals for the team is to help a group of aliens with their war, but the military doesn’t know that.

Since Alyson knows so much about the aliens, she gives the military a list of occupations that she needs to be on the team before she will go down the highway again. In other words, she isn’t going with just a group of soldiers. She needs specialized operatives. Also, she knows that the team needs to know about the aliens and need to know team mates from an alien double. That is why Commander Anderson designed the pre-mission assignment the way he did; although he too doesn’t know too much about alien doubles.

By book two, the operatives know about aliens and have fought some aliens and removed bombs from the inside others. Now, the operatives have the task of mapping the alien highway, which they mostly do with computer software as they ride tanks down the highway. In book one, the team learned about the aliens, and in the second book they learn about each other and a lot about extra sensory phenomenon. This knowledge about their team mates and the paranormal helps them in book three.

In book three, the operatives know that a race of aliens have commissioned Alyson to help them fight their planetary battle. Before the operatives can help, they first have to traverse the terrain of the unknown planet, and then they have to figure out how much fire power they will be up against in the upcoming battle. When they enter the planet off the highway, they find some foot soldiers from earth that join them, but will it be enough to free the friendly aliens from the alien enemies. Will the team win the battle and make it to earth? If they go back to earth, will Alyson be able to set up her team to help her with all those things others commission her for? Well, the team really hopes so. Join Alyson and her team to learn about aliens on earth, learn about the alien highway, learn about Alyson’s team, learn about some paranormal phenomenon, and join them as they engage in a planetary battle with out of this world weapons on both sides.


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