By Mykela

Mr. Vaucoff


Mr. Vaucoff is the wise seer in North Pointe Villa and he is also the baker. It is his job to watch over any ancients in the village and to give them information about themselves and their history as he is able.

Mr. Vaucoff meets Kyrian, Kyrsha, and Kyltie prior to them moving into the village and he tries to get to know them. He did meet them on the ship and helped escort them to the village, and he has tried to help them assimilate into village life, but the three ancients aren’t very talkative or social, and Kyrian doesn’t open up shop in their home, so it makes it more difficult to visit; although, he does get to deliver cookies to Kyltie occasionally. Still, he never found the opportunity to broach the subject of their history or their magic.

Mr. Vaucoff knew parts of their stories from the other wise seers on the ship. He knew about Donty beating Kyrsha, but that was a difficult subject to even begin to discuss. As Mr. Vaucoff watched the siblings in his village, he knew for sure Kyrsha used magic, and he felt Kyrian did too. He was thankful that there didn’t seem to be any dissenters lurking around North Pointe Villa.

Another issue was as a baker, many people from the village came to his shop and bought breads and pastries, so he had to bake, especially since his wife had passed away before the siblings had moved to their village. He had invited Kyltie over to help him bake cookies, and he said several of the children were coming, but Kyltie never came with the other children. She always said she liked baking with Kyrsha. Once he was hopeful because Kyrsha had asked Kyltie if she thought perhaps Mr. Vaucoff had any secrets that she might could learn to bake cookies, but Kyltie didn’t go.

Mr. Vaucoff had asked Kyrian to help him tap the trees for syrup, or help harvest some honey from the bees, but Kyrian was always busy, and didn’t join the other men in tapping the trees.

Mr. Vaucoff wasn’t the only one that tried to get the siblings to do things; although he was the only one that knew they were ancients and siblings. The rest of the village knew them as the Clinhausers, a married couple with a daughter from Kyrian’s previous marriage. Still, Kyrian, Kyrsha, and Kyltie always politely declined most social activities.

Mr. Vaucoff was in much dismay when Kyrian told the village that Kyltie was Kyrsha’s sister, instead of his daughter and he was even more in panic when Kyrsha confirmed it. He knew that the dissenters were supposedly dead or imprisoned prior to the present king and queen of the ancients having their first child, but with the reports from the other wise seers on the ship, he knew that was not the case, and he didn’t know how to protect them if the dissenters visited their village. He just knew someone would tell the new story.

Prior to the siblings meeting on the ship, the wise seers, left on the land, met near the port, and explored the cave. They hoped to find information about the location of the orb keys, but they were unsuccessful, so this makes it even harder for Mr. Vaucoff to bring it up in casual conversation.

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