By Mykela

Earl White


Earl White grew up in Jamaica where there were gangs and drug wars.  Even though he wasn’t involved in any gangs, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time with his mother and sister.  This event scarred him very deeply emotionally.  He never joined a gang, but instead became a bounty hunter to hunt criminals that skipped bail or escaped prison.  He also never got close to people.

The event in his childhood also had a great effect on his mother, so Earl turned to the only other adult he could at the time.  That adult is Charles Gardener, and Charles has had a tremendous influence over Earl.  Charles taught Earl everything he knew including tricks of the bounty hunter trade and how to throw bones.  As a mentor Charles was the one person Earl was close to, but Earl felt Charles could protect himself so the relationship didn’t endanger Charles.  Charles had encouraged Earl to get a friend or a girlfriend, but Earl never made the effort.

Charles consulted his bones often and he saw a significant relationship for Earl show up in the bones.  Charles hoped this relationship would help Earl get unstuck from his past, so Charles encouraged Earl to take the military job although neither knew the details of the job and Charles didn’t know the person the significant relationship would be with.

At the beginning of the story it’s not just Earl’s job that distances him from people; it is also that he creates a distance so as not to get close.

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