By Mykela

José Muñoz


José makes bombs. He works with substances and tries to get a larger blast or a more concentrated blast. He builds bombs to implode buildings in the middle of a city, so that there isn’t damage to the surrounding building, when cities decide to replace such things.

The reader sees him testing things in his hotel room once he is in Houston, and he is in a hotel because his family doesn’t know about his activities. He has all the equipment he needs to test things, including things to sound proof the walls. He uses his computer and other equipment to read the readings of a small controlled blast and then he magnifies the blast for larger amounts of substances.

Of all the team members, José is one of the last ones to figure out the team members, which is their first assignment. The initial assignment overwhelms most of the other team members, but they actively try to figure things out, especially after Wednesday evening when they all attend the mayor’s dinner and speech and see an undisguised alien for the first time along with an alien double, but José figures he will learn the team when he meets them.

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