By Mykela

Mi’atsha iii – Enemies Emerging


Fantasy: Mi’atsha III: Enemies Emerging

‘Mi’atsha III: Enemies Emerging starts seven months after book two.  Mi’atsha’s witches have been learning and Zash’hura hasn’t mended.  Many start to wonder why Mi’atsha is pushing everyone so much when the battle is behind them.  However Mi’atsha knows the battle is not behind them but ahead.  She starts bringing in her apprentices and organizing her coven.

King Balvantz finally gains the courage to ask for the history he needs and Mi’atsha learns about her very own castle, which she retrieves and merges with her citadel.

Prince Jaarul separates himself from Mi’atsha and his parents, but Prince Jaarul ends up with his wishes ‘fulfilled’.

King Telms has an ally he didn’t know about, but the ally is surrounded by black witches.

With enemies to her north and to her south which way will Mi’atsha turn to fight?

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