By Mykela

Operatives I: Building the Team


‘Operatives’ has a somewhat futuristic setting and it has many races of aliens.

The story starts with the gathering of a team based on specifications from Alyson.  After each team member’s initial acceptance onto the team there is a pre-mission assignment where the details are scarce for all the team members and they are ready to dismiss their pre-mission assignment, until they are at the mayor’s and see for themselves aliens and aliens who take on a human’s face.  When tabloids become reality the operatives are hooked in just enough to see the pre-mission assignment through.

Alyson knows about the aliens.  She also knows a lot more than aliens can look like humans.  Alyson knows about the slave market for aliens and about the alien highways.  The military knows Alyson knows, just they are unable to prove her depth of knowledge, but they know enough to draft her.  Alyson protests participation more as a front because she has her own agenda which includes rescuing slaves.

For the real mission to be successful Alyson must divulge her knowledge to her new team during the pre-mission assignment, which she does in parts.  Each time she gives them information the operatives feel overwhelmed and realize how deeply involved they are becoming.  As reality surpasses even what the tabloids print, the operatives also realize how normal it is for Alyson.  They also realized there is a lot to learn before they enter the alien highway.

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