By Mykela

Alyson Alcott


Alyson discovered the alien highways when she was a little girl playing hide and seek with her father.  At that point in her life she was unaware of time or what a long time was and her father got frustrated when she came out from her hiding place before he started looking.

Alyson also met her first alien on the highway when she was young.  Then not long after meeting aliens she gained many mutual beneficial relationships with aliens and Alyson knows more about the aliens than probably anyone else on planet earth by the time the story starts.

The U.S. military drafted Alyson using an obscure law because of their beliefs about her extra sensory perceptions and because she can enter the alien highways.  Every time the military sends Alyson with a team down the alien highways, the team loses members and the highway spokes most of the teams.  The military wants to know the location of all entrances to the highway on earth and they want to restrict or control those entrances and they believe Alyson can get them the information they need to accomplish that, so with a more compromising attitude they asked Alyson what she needed to get the job done.  Alyson devised the strictest list of operatives she could think of knowing that the military most likely wouldn’t be able to accomplish gathering a team.  The military feels they have exactly what Alyson needs.

When Jim Geary pulls in Alyson’s driveway to announce to Alyson that she needs to report to the military, he has no clue that she performed a surgery on an alien the night before.  He also doesn’t know that the military couldn’t reach her by phone before because she was in Kansas rescuing alien slaves and had only come home for the surgery.

Even in a country of free speech the press has highly suppressed news about real aliens, so Alyson knows that no matter how good a team the military provides the team will still have a lot to learn before they can be any real help to her and her alien allies.

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