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Commander Baasfleur is King Dunhurst’s top commander.  Many times, he knows King Dunhurst’s mind so well that he is offering a service or doing a task just as King Dunhurst is thinking to ask for it.

Before the story started, King Dunhurst had Baasfleur go to the northern farm and help Mi’atsha with the planting.  Mr. Farmer, Mi’atsha’s father asked that no one be left, but King Dunhurst didn’t like Mi’atsha working alone and Kessle, Mi’atsha’s wolf and guardian, tolerated Baasfleur’s presence.

Baasfleur would have gladly done the planting himself, but Kessle would only let him do certain things and of course he didn’t understand all the things little Mi’atsha did with the seeds, so he contented himself with watching over her and getting her to drink water from the canteen he brought.

On one occasion when he was at the southern farm, he asked the farmer there to show how to hitch the horse to the plow.  He knew it would be easier for Mi’atsha to plant if they could use the horse.  However, after he carefully showed Mi’atsha all the steps, he felt foolish because Mi’atsha was so young that she wouldn’t be able to physically hitch the horse to the plow for quite some time.

Mi’atsha though watched and listened to every step, and she used her magic after Baasfleur left to follow the instructions.  Magically hitching the horse to the plow took much less magic than turning the soil with her magic and she was appreciative of Baasfleur’s lesson.

In book two, when Mi’atsha is choosing soldiers for herself from her new allies, Baasfleur is the first one chosen, and he is named as her head commander.  King Dunhurst doesn’t want to lose his best soldier but realizes that Mi’atsha needs Baasfleur more than he does for the benefit of all the allies.

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