By Mykela

Kir’sta (Kir’stal Meivere)


Kirsta is blue dragon that you meet in the story very early on.  Before she is introduced, she gives Mi’atsha rides to the southern farms, so Mi’atsha can tend the farms and repair some of the damage there.  When she is introduced in the story, Kirsta tells Mi’atsha who she is, and that she will be the dragon flying Mi’atsha.  Gal then says that he is Kirsta’s mate and Kirsta has to let Mi’atsha find the Dead Zone.

Shortly after her introduction, she flies with Mi’atsha against an enemy and in that scene, she shows that she is a formidable warrior and dragon.  Kirsta and Bes’nish fight the enemy helping each other pin enemies in, while suggesting things for Mi’atsha to do magically.

They are successful in the battle, and even though Mi’atsha is covered in blood, the blood is not Mi’atsha’s.  When they report to the kings in Daliium about the battle and the blood is mentioned, Kirsta states very adamantly that she took care of Mi’atsha, her ridder.  This gives the sense of the dragons’ loyalty to their ridders, which plays out again and again throughout the story.

Equally mentioned is the respect that Mi’atsha has for the dragons and how that is appreciated so much that the dragons speak Ling (the common language) to Mi’atsha in front of others.  The reason they do this is not that Mi’atsha doesn’t understand Dragon because she does, but because the dragons don’t want their interactions with Mi’atsha to cause further suspicions or distrust of Mi’atsha from King and Queen Dunhurst.  The dragons realize that their trust of Mi’atsha exposes Mi’atsha as a witch, and at the same time they need the people of Daliium to see and understand Mi’atsha as the powerful witch she is because that will build hope for the people.

Later in the story, Bes’nisha takes Kirsta as a student and Kirsta’s witch name becomes Kir’stal Meivere.  Near the end of book two, Kir’stal must attend a duel, instead of flying into battle beside her mate and to her that doesn’t feel very dragon like, but as a witch she has to attend the duel or lose her magic for thirteen months.

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