By Mykela

Mi’atsha iv – Preparing for Battle


Fantasy: Mi’atsha IV: Preparing for Battle

‘Mi’atsha IV: Preparing for Battle’ starts shortly after the battle in book three.  Things didn’t go as planned or expected during the battle and Mi’atsha still hasn’t fixed the magic of Guinevere or the other queens.

While Mi’atsha is working on repairing her magic and Queen Zash’hura repairs hers, there are a lot of things going on.  One is the dust which was not supposed to have the curse of distrust in it after the battle, but for some reason it does and it is affecting allies and enemies alike.  The second thing is that the enemies’ witches, wizards, and warlocks were quite displaced with the stars in book three, so these people are lost and looking for home and reassessing their alliances.

Even though Mi’atsha wants to get to Car’tie and rescue her she has to fix her magic first.  And while Mi’atsha isn’t going to the ancient magic chamber many others are and they have various assignments upon entering.  One assignment is to help witches in the chamber exit a door.  Some of these witches have been in the ancient magic chamber over a hundred years.  Another assignment finds saved sacrifices and rescues them.

Once the sacrifices are rescued a decision is made to call war against them and to protect the babies once and for all.  After the decision everyone prepares for the repercussions of Queen Mi’atsha calling the war.

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