By Mykela

Olga Vasheimer


Olga Vasheimer was not always an entry artist.  At a very early age she was an Olympic gymnast.  She did parallel bars, mat, and beam in different years and she won several medals.  Albert became her mentor the year her mother died when her coach made off with her inheritance.  Albert paid all the fees, and for hotel rooms, and meals, etcetera.  Olga didn’t win a medal that year and there was a lot of talk about her being too old.

Olga didn’t know where to turn, but Albert suggested that she would be a good entry artist.  She agreed to learn.

Albert used her talents of a gymnast and taught her how to pass security beams to get into high security places.  He set up a practice area in his home for her to practice, and he was responsible for getting her some of her earliest jobs and helping her keep her equipment up to date.

Most all of Olga’s jobs were for the police, or FBI, or CIA, to help them recover files, valuables, or people held for ransom.  When the military invited her to compete, she told them they already knew her skills.  The military said they knew the skills of several entry artists, but not how the artists stacked against each other.  Olga agreed to join the competition and then she won.  Other than winning the competition Olga has no details for this new job that she has won.

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