By Mykela

Mykela Greenwood

I was born in Hawaii because my father was in the navy. At the age of ten months my mother, father, and I moved to California, and then at age two we moved again to Orange, Texas where I grew up. As a teenager, I went to four different high schools and as an adult, I briefly lived in Belgium.

I have several grandchildren. They are such a joy.

I grew up in a quiet home where there were no video games and my parents limited my TV exposure, so I imagined all kinds of things and places for entertainment. I even wrote some of my imaginings down for friends, which they enjoyed. After taking some psychology courses in college I better understood how people work together, so my writing improved.

During my four high schools I wrote some poetry but did not commit to any stories. In college I picked up my story writing after reading a forward in the “Dragon Lance” series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I again put down my writing to raise my family, until I discovered writing was my passion. Then I picked up my writing once more. I love writing and hope to write until I die. I also hope I can share my joy of the worlds I create with my readers.

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