By Mykela



Kyltie is a young girl of nine years of age. She lived with her adopting parents before she lived with Kyrian and Kyrsha. Shortly after her parents adopted her, the dissenters got her adopting parents on drugs. Thus the parents didn’t take proper care of Kyltie, so Kyltie is scrawny when she goes to be with Kyrian and Kyrsha.

She has long hair and her hair is a little lighter than Kyrsha’s hair and her eyes are green like Kyrian’s eyes.

At the beginning of the story, she has a reputation in North Pointe Villa for getting hurt, but later in the story Kyrsha disputes this and says when children play, they get hurt.

In the beginning of the story, a snake bites Kyltie, but not just any snake. A Ravenous Viporus bites her and leaves its poison. This event is what pushes the three siblings to search for the City of the Ancients. Of course, the siblings have to find the orb keys to ‘unlock’ the city first.

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