By Mykela

Mi’atsha ii – A Duel Is Brewing


Fantasy: Mi’atsha II: A Duel is Brewing

‘Mi’atsha II: A Duel is Brewing’ starts with the young witch, Mi’atsha, trying to figure out how to retaliate.  She truly wants to duel the black witch Queen, Zash’hura, and doesn’t want to retaliate in such a way that the kingdoms pay the price.  Mi’atsha is inexperienced in warfare and thus the results are unpredictable.

During her retaliation Mi’atsha must warn allies of a disease.  The green Queen Ca’laandra then calls an all witch conference to learn more.  The conference goes awry and Queen Zash’hura learns Mi’atsha’s witch name Guinevere.

Queen Zash’hura then plots to kill the young witch.  In the end Mi’atsha gets the duel she wants with Queen Ve’laaria, instead of Queen Zash’hura.

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