By Mykela



Donty is an older boy in Kyrsha’s village-West Point Villa. Before Kyrsha he would always get into trouble and cause harm, but the village mostly ignored him.

After the dissenters found Kyrsha, they paid Donty to beat Kyrsha near to death, starting at age three, and at first it was just Donty. Later Bailboobzy inhabited Donty, and he tried to inhabit Kyrsha. Still while this was traumatic, Kyrsha had magic enough to prevent Bailboobzy from inhabiting her. Also, later she was able to create a multitude of spiders which would crawl on her and Donty and Donty would leave sooner because he feared spiders.

When Kyrsha goes back to her village, the first person she meets is Donty and Bailboobzy is inhabiting him, and this time she fights.

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