By Mykela



Francesca is in the military and she is very fast with weapons. She can take them apart and put them together faster than most everyone else in the field. She is practical, and hard to scare. After just a short time on the initial assignment, she tells people to call her Izzy. She briefly wonders if she is going that deep with these people, but after her sneak peak at some new weapons, she quickly decides she is.

Another thing about Izzy, is she is very military. She needs a commander. She respects her commander and wants to do things right. The initial assignment frustrates her as it does many on the team. She feels as though they are sitting on their thumbs, but later in the story she realizes that she gave Alyson her name just as she would any other commander.

Once they hit the alien highway in book two, then Izzy looks after her commander to the best of her abilities and to the extent that Alyson will let her, and that includes going with Alyson and in astral to follow the spirit of some boys down the highway.

Joining Alyson’s team turns Izzy’s world upside down and there are rules of life that seem broken, but Izzy does her best to adjust.

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