By Mykela



Ian Schmitz is a medium height broad shouldered male with blonde hair. His specialty is vehicles, and he drives all types of all-terrain vehicles. He also knows some about flying.

The reader first meets this character as he is sitting in a hotel bar facing the hotel lobby, and he is staring at Laura Banks. Laura notices his staring and notes down that he is fair-skinned and has a white-button-up shirt that he has buttoned only halfway up and he is wearing jeans. His stare unnerves her, but after Tuesday and the day for the picnics Ian knocks on her door and they head to IHOP. Something about the mission is spooking them.

At the end of book one Ian learns that he will get to drive a tank down the alien highway and this elates him.

In book two, the reader learns that as a child, Ian’s mother locked him in a basement for quite some time and he had to fight rats for his food. This issue pops up as the team is driving down the highway.

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