By Mykela

Aaric Ky Zeer


Aaric is the king of the Ultrararium and of the City of the Ancients. He was born in the natural dimension, along with his two siblings. He didn’t know his siblings because the wise seers placed him in a home with adopting parents. He met his siblings before he knew they were his siblings; in fact, he had already married Aarisha and they were expecting. He also knew how to use zantrics. He was just learning, but Aalimira was young and she let him use zantrics on her. He found the question in her mind, “Who are the siblings?” Several days later the wise seers introduced them as siblings and Aalimira’s whole body shook and convulsed. No one knew that Aalimira had sleeper thoughts from the dissenters in her mind and once the wise seer inadvertently answered the question the sleeper thoughts left Aalimira and took a lot or her memories as well.

That was the first attack, that they suffered, but they weren’t sure what had happened. After that, Aaric did all he could to protect his wife Aarisha and sister Aalimira. If that incident hadn’t happened, then he wouldn’t have been so willing to place his children in adopting homes. Granted he had wonderful adopting parents, but he felt like he could care for his wife, children, and sister, but the wise seer felt that the missing memories were an attack from the dissenters and they reasoned that he didn’t want anything like that to happen to his children.

Aaric knew his wife used magic a little too openly, but she just felt the need to use it, because it always helped her. Still, it took a lot of convincing before she would consider placing her children with other people. If they had brought their sister to the Ultrararium right away, Aarisha probably wouldn’t have agreed, but Aalimira was missing so many memories that she need extra special care and constant attention.

After they handed Kyltie over to the wise seers, they had to leave their home immediately to go to the Ultrararium because the wise seers informed them that the dissenters knew where they were and were coming to kill them. They barely made it to the Ultrararium alive. They had deep cuts and slashes and bruises, and it took them time to heal.

Aaric never knew if they would have made it to the door, if they had brought their children with them. He felt they all would have died, or he would have had a choice on who to save—his sister Aalimira or his children.

It certainly didn’t help when their own mother died two days after they entered, and the ancients were telling them that Aarisha was the strongest magic user, so he would be king and Aarisha his wife would be queen. Aaric felt his father could rule at least for a while, but that was not how the ancients did things.

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