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Purpose for this Website

This website is to introduce you to the characters in my books by way of character biographies or character bios.

Character bios are brief descriptions of the characters in the various stories. Some bios are very short, and some are much longer. Some give the character’s history before the story starts and some give important insights about the character in certain scenes or give aspects of the character as he/she interacts in the story. These bios give the reader reasons for certain behaviors that may or may not be apparent in the story, especially not in the beginning.

Readers must choose for themselves if they want to read the bios before or after reading the story. Either way I hope you enjoy the stories, and if you choose to read the bios, I hope they add to that enjoyment.

Also, so as not to spoil too much, certain aspects of a character will be left out of their bio under book one or two, and some of these characters will need and have an updated bio for a later book in the story as the character grows or changes. Just click a link to a book, and then pick a character and read about that character.

Have fun!

My Books

Fantasy or Fantasy Adventure

Fantasy or Fantasy Adventure

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