By Mykela

Laura Banks


Laura Banks had medium blonde hair that hangs mid-way down her back.  Laura is a computer hacker and can get into most systems no matter the level of security.  Actually, earth has several people just like Laura and Laura is in a competition to be able to join Alyson’s team.

Many hackers actually deeply desire the information they are trying to hack, while for the most part Laura is interested in the programs and how the computers work.  She is into learning about the systems and seeing what makes them tick.  This makes her very good because she doesn’t get impatient for the information.  This was something her mentor Tim Swaney taught her, but it was easy for her to learn; not that she doesn’t like learning the information once she hacks it.

Several times in Laura’s career, she already had a copy of the file or files of interest to the person that hired her, but she would review her notes on how to hack the system requested of her and see if there was any newer information than what she already had.  She knew handing over information too quickly was not good either because it would make her seem too scary or the client wouldn’t trust that she had actually done the job and would accuse her of making things up.

Even though Laura is at the top of her field and hacked many computer systems will that be enough for her to hack the information Alyson needs for them to complete their job.

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