By Mykela

Kyrian Clinhauser


Kyrian is a stout young man. He works with wood and metal. He is twenty-three years of age at the start of the story. His siblings are Kyrsha and Kyltie.

His parents test his magic when he was born and he passed the level R tests.

His hair is a darker brown than Kyrsha’s and his eyes are green.

He didn’t know that the parents he grew up with were adopting parents, but he knew he could not do anything right for them. Something was a little bit wrong with everything he did. This took away his confidence.

Kyrian will need his confidence in order to find an orb key and help Kyrsha and Kyltie to ‘unlock’ the City of the Ancients by returning it to the natural dimension out of the Ultrararium.

When Kyrian met Kyrsha on the ship out in the ocean, he fell in love with her, but in the almost three years they have lived together he has not gained the courage to tell Kyrsha of his love.

The villagers in North Pointe Villa think Kyltie is his daughter, and this lowers his self-esteem even more. He thinks the village thinks he didn’t do things the way an upstanding man would. He wants the village to know that he is honorable, even if he is not perfect.

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