By Mykela

Kyrsha Bauhazer


Kyrsha is a young maiden of sixteen years of age. She is one of three siblings that is supposed to get the orb keys and return City of Ancients from Ultrararium to normal dimension. Kyrsha is a magic user, but she doesn’t know that at first.

When Kyrsha was first born her natural parents tested her magic.  They only had tests up to level R and Kyrsha passed all those tests. But Kyrsha unwittingly displayed her magic even at a young age.

Because her parents had to leave the natural dimension and go to the Ultrararium, they placed her with adopting parents. By age three, the enemies of the ancients, the dissenters found Kyrsha and started having her beat and after her beatings they would try to enter her mind.

Kyrsha remembers a lot of her childhood, but she is unaware of the magic, and at the beginning of the story she gets different results because she doesn’t know any spells. Still, because of everything, she doesn’t want to get too close to anyone and she doesn’t trust. She keeps to herself most of the time.

Kyrsha is smart and she is creative. She embroiders and crochets lace. She is of average stature and has long light brown hair. Her eyes are also brown.

To accomplish everything, she will have to get beyond her past and find the courage to fight the dissenters.

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