By Mykela

Mrs. Bonnie Brocklyn


Mrs. Brocklyn is one of the five ladies that goes to the Clinhauser’s shop to see Kyrsha’s new piece of lace. At first the ladies ew and ah over the lace and linens and they comment on where each piece should go in their respective homes. Then being curious they ask if Kyrsha is under the weather, and Kyrian responds no. Mrs. Brocklyn then states that Kyrsha can’t stay barren forever.

Kyrian defends Kyrsha and tells the ladies that they aren’t trying to get Kyrsha pregnant, which spirals a whole set of conversations in the village.

When Kyrsha and Kyltie arrive home, Kyrsha agrees to marry Kyrian and they go to Mr. Parsons to discuss things. Mrs. Brocklyn ease drops on the conversation and then she brings Kyrsha home so that Kyrsha can wear her wedding dress.

Mrs. Brocklyn tells every villager she meets on the way home of the pending wedding ceremony as well.

Later when Kyrsha returns the dress, Mrs. Brocklyn confides to Kyrsha that she someone had beaten her too.

After Kyrsha, Kyrian, and Kyltie leave the village to ‘spread’ the news of their marriage, Mrs. Brocklyn contacts Kyrsha telepathically and she states they have a ‘connection’ because they wore the same wedding dress. Once they establish a telepathic link, they update each other on news.

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