By Mykela

Mr. Vallins


Mr. Vallins is the wise seer in West Point Villa. He has the duty to watch over Kyrsha who is of the ancient race and who resided in his village before the start of the story. Mr. Vallins lived in the village his whole life and so he was responsible for placing Kyrsha with adopting parents.

In this day and time, magic is long since forgotten and no one really speaks about it, and one reason people hide their magic is if there are dissenters lurking about. When Kyrsha was born, the ancients and wise seers thought that all the dissenters not in prison or the Planetarium were dead, but three years after Mr. Vallins placed Kyrsha with adopting parents some remaining dissenters found Kyrsha mostly because Kyrsha unknowingly used her magic.

Mr. Vallins did what he could to keep Kyrsha from exhausting herself when she went through the trauma, but he didn’t have enough magic to face and fight the dissenters himself and the ancients’ soldiers and commanders were already in the Ultrararium.

After the death of Kyrsha’s adopting parents, he saw to her getting on the ship to meet her siblings, but none of the wise seers revealed the relationship of siblings yet.

When Kyrsha and her two siblings visit her village after her marriage, Kyrsha sees Mr. Vallins again, and she isn’t too happy with seeing him, so she and Kyrian and Kyltie try to leave the village without anyone seeing them.

Mr. Vallins runs out to them and asks to go with them. Reluctantly Kyrsha agrees, even though she doesn’t trust him because he had sleeper thoughts at one time, but later Mr. Vallins is able to tell the siblings about the heraldry on the floor of the castles.

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