By Mykela

Mi’atsha i – White Witch Pending


‘Mi’atsha I: White Witch Pending’ has a medieval setting. It starts with the burning of crops—the main food supply. The allied kingdoms thought they were in a time of peace, but the enemies had been building their forces and their black witch allies were making unheard of creatures.

During the initial crop burnings, the allied kings plan to retaliate. At the same time the traditional contests to determine the prince’s future spouse start. One contestant is a white witch. As the black witches attack, the young witch’s power is slowly revealed. The young witch, Mi’atsha, knows the power against her and decides to start her own coven of witches. She is able to choose from some of the contestants and thus keep her coven a secret. Still each time the kings find some hope, the black witches attack again and they just can’t hope that the young witch is strong enough.

During the contests, dragons are hatched. Mi’atsha is close with the dragons and relies on them to help her. Dragons are important in fighting the dragoncreatures that her enemies have created.

The allied kings have their troops to protect what crops they have left and the kingdom people. Hope hangs by a thread, but the kings will do all they can with the help of their troops to prevent themselves or their people from becoming slaves.

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