By Mykela

Mashum (Ma’shum Rim)


Mashum is only seven when she enters the story, and she calls Guinevere when Queen Zash’hura sends her caldron creatures to Sōchum.  There are several conditions to the calling.  One the caller must be willing to become an apprentice and eventually a student of Guinevere.  Second the caller must have potential to be a student.

When Guinevere isn’t alive on the land, then all the white witches will receive such a call, but if Guinevere is alive, then only she receives the call.  Once Guinevere receives a call, she must answer, and she must protect her new apprentice.  Sometimes the caller is in such dire danger that Guinevere must arrive quickly because long distance spells can only do so much.

Several things happen after Mi’atsha aides and retrieves Mashum.  Queen Mi’atsha who is Guinevere brings Mashum directly into her coven and she names her.  Queen Mi’atsha doesn’t make Mashum wait or stay an apprentice for any length of time.  Mashum’s witch name is Ma’shum Rim.  Another thing that happens, is that Nar’liinje realizes that Mi’atsha gave a true name when she gave the name of Guinevere and realizes that Mi’atsha is Queen.  A third thing that happens, is that Queen Zash’hura wants to retrieve the apprentice.  She knows that the white witches sent the apprentice aid, so she feels that she can make her an apprentice to her.

When Ma’shum takes her turn to hatch a dragon, she actually hears her name and doesn’t need Mi’atsha to help her, and later Mi’atsha tells her students that Ma’shum is a caller of ancient spirits who give advice.

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