By Mykela



Dewlap is a green and white dragon from Teffel. He is not technically Mi’atsha’s first dragon hatchling, but she considers him her first hatchling, because his mother promised him to her first. Tashnii actually hatched first and is technically Mi’atsha’s first hatching.

However, very early Dewlaps mother told Mi’atsha that Dewlap could be her friend, and Mi’atsha cherishes that friendship.

In this book, the reader meets Dewlap during the first scene when the enemy attacks Mi’atsha’s farm during the prologue. Dewlap helps Mi’atsha know how to defend her farm without revealing too much of her magic.

Later, Mi’atsha reveals to King Kurst that dragons come to the farm and give her rides and she mentions a green and white dragon that loves melons of all types. King Kurst admits he knows that dragon and tells the dragon’s name is Dewlap. Mi’atsha says to tell him hello.

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