By Mykela

Sen’si (Sen’siva) Beadworks


Prince Jaarul chooses Sensi to be a contestant and she comes in second in the first contest of weaving a blanket. During the contest for hatching a dragon, Sensi hatches three dragons, so the girls feel like Mi’atsha and Sensi tied that contest.

Sensi befriends Mi’atsha early in the story, and she asks for Mi’atsha to help Cartie hatch a dragon, after Mi’atsha gets Sensi to help Maria hatch one. Sensi is good for the group dynamics because she notices and supports those girls that are a little shy or who are less confident than they should be, and she will approach Mi’atsha with things.

Once Sensi is named a witch her witch name becomes Sen’siiva Laph, but she is still Sen’si around non-witches.

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