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Lal’mash is known for her deadly curses, and though Lal’mash is dead before the story starts, there are still items on the land that bear her curses.   One curse before the story was on a locket, that Mi’atsha deactivated or said the anti-curse for and then Mi’atsha gave her mother the locket.  Shortly after the mother did die and Mi’atsha blamed herself, until the liggims and Kessle strongly persuaded Mi’atsha to view history.  Mi’atsha learned that she said the anti-curse correctly and her mother died from internal bleeding but of course, the inappropriate assigned guilt still lingers.

In the story, there is a diamond that Mi’atsha needs to trade for some jade.  The jade is more valuable to Mi’atsha because of the properties of jade that are aligned with her witching, but to give the diamond it first has to be found and then it needs an anti-curse said over it.  The curse is said to be Lal’mash’s favorite curse, and it even needs sight protection against it.  The curse doesn’t activate upon sight, but when one stares at and longs for or admires the diamond, then the curse activates.  The curse is at the core of the diamond and Mi’atsha has to let it soak in an anti-curse solution for a week of outside time, before it can be deactivated.

At the duel, when Mi’atsha sees all her enemies Lal’mash’s daughter, Lim’salt is mentioned as being there, but it doesn’t say if Lim’salt has inherited her mother’s gift of casting nasty curses, but later the story does compare Lal’mash’s curses to Queen Zash’hura’s curse on King Andrew’s soldiers.

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