By Mykela

Operatives II: Traveling the Alien Highway


In book one, the military gathered a team of operatives. These operatives were highly specialized in their fields and in the beginning the reader didn’t know why the team needed such specialization. The story presented Alyson as not wanting to go down the alien highway again and giving the military a list of occupations that she didn’t think they could fulfill, but by the end of the story, the operatives themselves saw why the team needed such specialization. Even the supplies person traveling with them made sense.

In book two, the team participates in their second alien surgery where they remove a bomb out of an alien, and shortly afterwards Collins and his team use a search warrant to find alien weapons. While Collins and his men search Alyson’s house in France, the operatives once again realize that Alyson knows her stuff and she is a top operative.

Shortly after Collins visits, Alyson and her team are on the alien highway. Part one of their job is to map the highway, which Laura has software to do as they ride tanks down the highway. Part two is to take samples of dirt and plants at any door and especially when they find an alien world. Part three, the military doesn’t even know about, but it is to rescue a race of aliens from within their own compound. Alyson knows this, but she has to get her team down the alien highway first. They have to find the correct door to the planet as well.

Most days seem fine as they ride along, but several things happen and the rest of the operatives get to see certain aspects about their team mates and their team becomes even closer with several of the team members participating in the paranormal activities that caused the military to draft Alyson in the first place.

Will the team make it down the highway without getting vaporized, even in the narrow part of the highway? Can the team figure out the bridge to be able to safely cross it? Will the team find the door to the planet they need to exit? Join the operatives as they travel the alien highway and find out.

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