By Mykela

City of the Ancients


City of the Ancients is a story that started long ago, but the current story picks up with only three Ancients out of the city and those three need to restore the city to the normal dimension.

Long ago before today’s story, the Ancients were pure scientists and they developed hypotheses, and tested things. They improved things quite a bit, but the price of technology was too high, so they rescued a group of humans and took them to a habitable planet and those humans swore off technology.

For a time, the Ancients still had contact with the humans, but the dissenters started attacking again. The Ancients captured what dissenters they knew about and placed them in a sort of prison, but it was a city in an alternate dimension called Plantararium. Then they took their city and placed it in an alternate dimension as well, and they called it the Ultrararium. Being overly cautious, the ancients created three orb keys that had the power to bring their city back into the normal dimension.

Now, who would use these keys? Well, the rulers of the Ancients left their three children, and the children could enter the city, but no one could exit, unless the three children restored the city to the normal dimension. If the three children, weren’t able to restore the city, then they in turn would leave three children, before entering. That way the Ancients had hope to return to the natural dimension, and hopefully when they returned any uncaptured dissenters would be gone or the dissenters’ city, Plantararium would still have the only remaining dissenters locked away in that city, and there would be no worry.

Most Ancients make their own orbs when they get to a certain age and magic level proficiency. Orbs aid with their connections and communications with family and to an extent with each other, along with aiding with magic and spells.

Today’s story starts with the three ancients, but at the beginning the three don’t know they are ancients. They think they are humans, and the history of the Ancients and their city is simply history. Shortly after the story starts, the three ancients begin the search for the orb keys and the City of the Ancients, and by the end they know about the dissenters and how ferocious the dissenters are. Now, let’s join Kyrian, Kyrsha, and Kyltie and see if they can find and/ or restore the City of the Ancients to its glorious days when it was in the normal dimension.

Shared Plot 1

  1. You have three friends together.
  2. One friend gets hurt.
  3. What they need to help the friend get better is in a special place that the majority of people in the story have forgotten or not used, like an uninhabited underground city. (What do they need?)
  4. To get to the place they must travel through a particular part of the land, like a dangerous forest or an arid desert. The friends must travel to a special object or area, like to a special tree, a tunnel, or behind a waterfall. (What perils (dangers) do they face?)
  5. The object or area allows you to get to the special place, like a tree that has an elevator down to the city. (How do they open the elevator doors or access the object to get to the special place?)  It has to be secret or everyone would find it.
  6. Where in the special place do the friends need to go?
  7. Do the friends have rivals or competition? Do they have allies?  (Rivals would be enemies.  Competition would be like a race with another group to get the cure first.  Allies are friends.  They can help you find the secret place.  If you don’t have allies you have to learn about the secret place by some other means, like reading a book in an ancient (old) language that your characters have to decode.
  8. How does the story end? Do the friends find the cure?  Are they stuck in the secret place?
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