By Mykela

Commander Revis


Commander Revis was a young man when his father left for the Ultrararium. Not all the ancients left to the Ultrararium at the same time, so many of the soldiers and the commanders stayed with the people to help them fight any dissenters they found after they had placed all that they thought existed in the Planetarium, which was a prison of sorts. They actually thought they had placed all dissenters in the Planetarium, but they left soldiers and commanders just in case.

By the time Commander Revis’ father left for the Ultrararium they discovered there were dissenters out in the natural dimension, but believed there were only a handful of dissenters left which they had not accounted for and placed in the Planetarium. At least it seemed there were only a handful, and they felt like they knew all of their names.

Farsnyile was the leader of the band of dissenters, and Commander Revis along with several other soldiers from the ancients learned of Farsnyile’s plans to attack the siblings, who were at that time Aaric, Aarisha, and Aalimira. Commander Revis knew that Aaric and Aarisha wouldn’t be able to aid too much because Aalimira needed special care and Aarisha was pregnant with her first child.

Commander Revis’s group met the dissenters and fought and won, while still losing two ancients from their group of ten against the seven dissenters, but several were severely injured and needed to go to the Ultrararium where the City of the Ancients was located.

They thought all the dissenters were gone. They had seven names and seven bodies, so Aarisha encouraged Commander Revis to go on through the gate. She said she would leave the siblings and then she would join her people.

Aarisha and Aaric didn’t have the power to call the orb keys; otherwise, they would have considered unlocking the city then, but as it was, they had to use their orbs and Aalimira’s orb to open the door for the last of the soldiers to enter, and later for themselves to enter.

Commander Revis didn’t want to leave the future king and queen and he discussed things with his father through his own orb. His father asked if he was sure they had killed all of the dissenters, and Commander Revis replied that he didn’t think they could ever be totally sure.

Commander Revis was very upset with himself later when he learned that more dissenters existed and lived outside of the Planetarium. He felt he shouldn’t have left; he should have stayed with Aaric and Aarisha.

Then later once the story started, he felt the essence of Farsnyile trying to return, so he asked for Queen Aarisha and King Aaric to put him to death which they both refused to do or even consider.

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