By Mykela

Aarisha Ky Rian


Aarisha is the queen of the Ultrararium and the City of the Ancients. She and her two siblings: Aaric and Aalimira were born in the normal dimension. The wise seers placed her and her siblings each with different adopting parents, so that after her sister was born, her parents could enter the city in the alternate dimension and be with their people.

During the time that her parents grew up, there weren’t a lot of dissenters out and the ancients thought they had successfully locked all the dissenters in the Plantararium, which is similar to the Ultrararium in many ways. One way was there was no way out, people or mortals could only go in either place, until, for the ancients, a set of siblings used the orb keys to restore the city. There were no such keys left by the ancients for the dissenters to leave their city.

The ancients left orb keys and they hoped that the siblings could use the keys to restore the city to the natural realm after the dissenters were gone long enough to just be a memory, but the keys were powerful, so the siblings had to have great magic. Also, the ancients didn’t want to leave too many people, so the king and queen alone made the sacrifice and left their children, hoping the divination of the siblings being successful would come to pass.

During Aarisha’s and her siblings’ years in the natural realm, the dissenters started attacking them and until that point the dissenters being out was only rumor. The orb keys did not call Aarisha or her siblings, so they had to make their own orbs, which was something most ancients normally did. They escaped to the Ultrararium with their lives, but they left a set of siblings.

Aarisha is also the mother of Kyrian, Kyrsha, and Kyltie. When she learned that her parents had placed her with adopting parents and left her, she was angry with her parents, but she did what she was supposed to do and made the sacrifice to leave her children.

Shortly after arriving in the Ultrararium, her mother passed away, and she became queen because she was the strongest magic user they had, but daily she mourned giving up her children and she watched them as much as she could through her orb. She could not believe the abuse they suffered and she regretted leaving them. Sometimes she could not bear to watch.

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