By Mykela

Vincent Varceli


Vincent Varceli is a tall and broad-shouldered man with a thin ponytail that hangs down his back.  He is part of a large close-knit Italian family with a relative in practically every industry.  Secrets are hard to keep as most everyone in the family knows everything about everyone else.  The family shares any news via the family’s extensive phone tree.

Vincent seems fairly reserved among his family and he has his own secrets.  His secret is that he is an operative.  He works undercover doing contract work most of the time.  His family knows about his ‘contracts’, but not what the actual work is.

Vincent’s specialty is pole fighting.  Corporations or the military usually hire him to bring in criminals and usually he finds those criminals at construction sites.  Vincent became very good at using the poles because he can use any two-by-four as a pole and often times when workers allow him access to the site, they would have him patted down and searched for weapons.  In this way the underlings ‘protected’ their boss.

Vincent has been in many situations where once the criminal discovers who he is, several of the criminal’s underlings will pull weapons on him.  Many times, he did have back-up and thus far he has survived.  Hopefully, his knowledge of pole fighting and hand to hand combat be enough to help him join Alyson’s team and survive the alien highway.

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