By Mykela

Ba’illa (Ba’illat) Hope


Ba’illa is hatched in book one by Mi’atsha.  She is a jet-black dragon just like her mother, Bes’nisha, and she is also a dragonwitch like her mother.  After Mi’atsha hatches her, Bes’nisha realizes Bailla’s witch potential and asks Mi’atsha to consider her as a student.  Mi’atsha says no but says Ba’illa can come in ‘her coven’ under Bes’nisha because at this point in the story Mi’atsha is trying to minimize her exposure as a witch and even though Ba’illa is Mi’atsha’s hatchling Mi’atsha doesn’t want too many students.  During her witch naming she has two names, Ba’illat Hope.

Later you learn that Bennot was Ba’illa’s father.  Bennot had a disease in his mind that would make him lash out, attack, and hurt the ones he loved without knowing it was them.

After Bennot’s death, Bes’nisha left her egg with Durst before her seven-year sleep.  Ba’illa was an egg the whole time and didn’t become ready to hatch until Mi’atsha came to Daliium for Prince Jaarul’s birthday celebration.

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