By Mykela

Queen Ca’laandra


Queen Ca’laandra is a green witch Queen and is currently the highest green witch, although there are other green Queens.

The green witches are arbitrators and are supposed to remain neutral and help settle disputes with justice. This is different from the yellow witches who want a compromise. Here in this story a compromise is to meet in the middle, and not necessarily to act with justice or without harm.

We meet Ca’laandra near the end of the story when Baa’mith gives an all-witch call for witches to help her with Velokk.

Queen Ve’laaria had called and released Velokk, and Velokk, an oblivion creature was destroying the kingdom where Baa’mith lived. Baa’mith could not magically contain the beast or creature on her own. Much less could she send him back to Oblivia.

Queen Ca’laandra responded to the call and she along with many other Queens that had responded to the call were losing hope of being able to help contain Velokk before Queen Mi’atsha showed up to help.

In the beginning of book two, Queen Ca’laandra will travel to the homes or citadels of those witches who did not respond to the all-witch call to help and ask them why. This is not a fun job for Queen Ca’laandra, but she questions the black witches, who did not respond, fearlessly.

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