By Mykela

King Rasif Paultz


King Paultz is from Mount Laaric, and he is the third king to arrive in Daliium for the kings’ meeting and discussion.  He realizes right away by how Mi’atsha talks to the kings that she is most likely a witch.  King Paultz wants King Dunhurst to bring her back to the dining hall, so that they may talk to her without the other girls and learn if she is a witch and her possible potential.

After the battle with the dragoncreatures, King Paultz realizes that Mi’atsha is a strong witch and he decides to talk to King Dunhurst about having Mi’atsha removed from Prince Jaarul’s competition.  The reason he presents to King Dunhurst is that Mi’atsha just takes over things and she would take over the kingdom instead of letting Prince Jaarul run it.

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