By Mykela

Mister Darid Shepherd


Mister Shepherd is Allia’s father.  He and several other men in the kingdom suspect Mi’atsha of being a witch and they refer to her as the wolf girl before they know her name.  Mister Shepherd along with several other men actually hope Mi’atsha is a witch and hope she is witch enough to protect them from Queen Ve’laaria.

When Allia and Mi’atsha visit Allia’s home, Mister Shepherd refers to her as the wolf girl and Allia is a little embarrassed, but Mister Shepherd meant no harm.  In fact, Mister Shepherd wants to know where the wolf is and immediately lets Kessle inside.  Missus Shepherd doesn’t know if it is wise, but Mister Shepherd intrinsically knows that Kessle will not harm them and he states that Kessle wouldn’t harm their sheep either.

Later in the story, Mister Shepherd and several other kingdom men are helping with the wild boars.  Mi’atsha comes out to exam the boars which the soldiers and kingdom men are keeping in a circle.  At this point in the story, Mister Shepherd tells Mi’atsha that he and several others suspected that Mi’atsha was a witch and lets her know that they are very glad that she is here in the kingdom and assure her of welcome.

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