By Mykela



This character first appears in the story when Mi’atsha is gathering guardians for her students.  She gathers several birds for students and then gathers the goat to be the guardian of Clara.

Once Clara is named Clar’et, Mi’atsha introduces her to the goat and Clar’et instantly has a vision, and then she hears Lo’ahm.  Later in the story when the goat tells Clar’et Lo’ahm again, the goat tells Clar’et that it is Mi’atsha’s fourth name, and the goat wants Clar’et to have it as one of her names.

The goat’s name Kriim isn’t revealed until book three.  Clar’et is talking about how she loaded her guardian down with herbs before she shrunk Kriim and putting Kriim in her pouch to take with her to her next destination.

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