By Mykela

Missus Caaraliima Shepherd


Missus Shepherd is Allia’s mother, and the story introduces her when Mi’atsha and Allia go to visit Allia’s home to give Allia’s sister, Lias, a blanket.  While they’re visiting, Mi’atsha assesses Lias’ condition and says she will make a ‘medicine’ for Lias.  Missus Shepherd gains more hope for her daughter than she has ever had.

Later Allia brings the medicine and discloses to her mother that she is a student witch of Mi’atsha and that Mi’atsha has told her that three of her sisters have potential to be witches also, one of which is Lias.

After Lias recovers slightly, Mi’atsha sends for her.  Missus Shepherd panics at first because she doesn’t know which three daughters, but the letter only mentions Lias.  Missus Shepherd will miss her daughter very much, but her and her husband agree to send Lias with their blessings.

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