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Before the story Marlow was a friend of Bennot, who was Bes’nish’s mate, and before the story Bes’nish asked Marlow to watch over her guardian while she sleeps and to cast the waking spell on her after seven years. Marlow was happy to do this.

Marlow belongs to a fraternity of wizards and warlocks, and the fraternity is on an island across the water, but Marlow has read some of the prophecy and knows Mi’atsha will need him and his fraternity to help balance things on the mainland, so going to the mainland to say the spell for Bes’nish gives him an excuse and a time to go.  Sometimes on the island, the wizards lose track of time as they study magic, but they all know there is a purpose for them learning their craft.

Once Marlow meets Mi’atsha, he starts advising her and he helps her against the minotaur the first time she fights them.  Later in book two he acts as guardian when Kessle is not available.

When Marlow sees Zel’viina he falls in love with her and hopes to catch her eye while he is learning about the happenings on the mainland, and he is unsuccessful until the middle of the battle near the end of book two.

There are several scenes in the story where Marlow shows up, or volunteers for something and many times it is because of the prophecy he has read.  For Marlow reading prophecy and experiencing it are two different things, and Marlow isn’t sure he wants to read anymore prophecy when he starts seeing it fulfilled.  Still reading it only gives an idea of what is going to happen and doesn’t give all the details of the event, and of course seeing thirteen Zash’huras is not something one could ever be prepared for no matter how much prophecy one has read.

At the end of book two, Marlow says a ceremony for Mi’atsha and afterward he gains the courage he needs to ask Zel’viina to dance.

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