By Mykela

Lo'la (Lo'laant Iisa)


Lola has one older sister and two younger brothers, and all her siblings are about four years apart.  Lola is a smith and her father works with metals, but not iron.  He works with silver, copper, bronze, brass, tin, and gold to decorate or stabilize furniture or picture frames.  Lola’s mother works with the left-over scrap metal to make jewelry or accessories.  Lola is closer to her mother and enjoys making jewelry and is often disappointed with the jewelry must be sold and she can’t keep her pieces.

In the story, Lola is first introduced when Dallia is having a spat with Mi’atsha, and then Lola is seen with the group of girls that align themselves with Mi’atsha and against Dallia.

During the hatching contest, Mi’atsha helps Lola pick a baby dragon to hatch.  Lola asks Mi’atsha to tell her the colors of all the babies.  She picks a pure white female with an iridescent shine, and she names the baby dragon Opal.

Later Lola admits to Mi’atsha that Opal talks to her and advises her.  Mi’atsha tells Lola to listen to her dragon without going into that part of a dragon’s purpose is to advise.

During her witch naming ceremony, Lola become Lo’laant Iisa, and her specialty as a witch is knowing the names of diseases by symptoms.  Lo’laant’s guardian is a scissortail, but Opal is seen advising Lo’laant more than the scissortail is.  In book two, Opal changes her shape to join Lo’la and some girls in their conversation on what juicy story they should tell Dallia to ‘appease’ her.  Opal tells the girls that they don’t have the experience to tell juicy stories, but Opal relents when the girls decide to tell Dallia that Mi’atsha has been teaching them to make perfume.

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