By Mykela



Liggims are a race of people, and their bodies are like tree logs.  Their arms and legs jut out like long skinny limbs.  Except for their nose their face is flat, save for the bark texture.  Their long thin nose juts out and comes to a rounded point.

Liggims are servants to a white witch, and more specifically to a Queen white witch.  Mostly they are only in the citadel and not out of the land, but they help the Queen and serve the entire coven of witches.  They grow food and distribute it.  They advise the Queen witch and they carry out the Queen witch’s orders.

After Mi’atsha was born, she visited the citadels of some dead Queen white witches and freed some liggims who were trapped there, and that is one reason she has so many.  Mi’atsha’s liggims are very protective of her and will not take orders from anyone else, unless it is in Mi’atsha’s best interest.

Liggims are born from seeds.  The seeds are planted and grow to look like an old dead hollow tree.  The hollow tree breaks open like an egg that cracks when a chicken hatches, so Mi’atsha couldn’t have had any liggims of her own when she made the citadel.  She had to wait for the seeds to grow, but since she had already rescued some liggims and they were there in the clearing advising her on building the citadel.

The liggims have their own language, and also use gestures, aura readings, and telepathy to communicate with each other and Mi’atsha, and they have no hidden agenda.

The liggims are in charge of turning the hourglass to keep track of time both inside and outside the citadel.  The liggims also have special keys to the testing chambers, so no one can disturb another’s test.  They can change their shape to enclose the royal chamber and protect it from even historical viewing.  The liggims also make sure everyone attends the meetings and ceremonies that they need to attend.

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