By Mykela

Chong Chang


Chong knows several styles of karate and he is an operative that often receives jobs relating to Chinese gangs. He helps people reclaim their neighborhoods.

When he doesn’t have a job, he lives with his grandmother and helps her out by buying groceries for her, or doing things around the house.

His grandmother only speaks Chinese, so it is hard for her to do some things, like hirer someone to fix something in the home, so Chong can order those services for her.

Chong is very close to his grandmother. His grandmother does live alone, when Chong is out of town and she has friends who take her to the Chinese market and friends to come over and play Mahjong. When Chong is there, she doesn’t interrupt his exercises or anything that he does, and she doesn’t pry. Chong will ask her what she needs.

In the story, Chong is the first team member to enter the alien highway, other than Alyson. He does listen to Alyson and stay against the highway wall, which protects him, but he can’t see the edge of the shoulder and highway, so he takes off his shoes to rest and places the shoes beside himself. Before he and Alyson leave the highway, the traffic comes and vaporizes the toes of his shoes. This badly scares him. When Alyson tells him that the traffic ran over his shoes, he protests and says that run over would mean smashed, not vaporized.

Still, seeing the aliens at the mayor’s dinner, has hooked him in to do the military job enough that the traffic did not scare him away.

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