By Mykela

King Larid Balvantz


King Larid Balvantz is the king of Sōchum and Sōchum is the closest ally kingdom to Daliium.  In fact, King Balvantz’s southern field is adjacent to Daliium’s northern field, and Daliium’s northern field is the one Mi’atsha tends; moreover, if she needs something from a kingdom, most often she visits Sōchum instead of Daliium.

King Balvantz no longer has a farmer at his southern farm, so he instructs his soldiers to copy whatever Mi’atsha does in her fields, and he finds that this is a successful way to farm for him.

King Balvantz has an eagle as a pet and the eagle’s name is Köln.  Köln has visited Mi’atsha many times and in the story, he doesn’t understand why Mi’atsha won’t let him land on her shoulder when he and King Balvantz are visiting Daliium.  King Balvantz almost protests his eagle’s intentions, but he decides not to.  He does wonder why Mi’atsha reacts the way she does.

King Balvantz, along with King Paultz and King Krenick, doesn’t want Mi’atsha in the contest for Prince Jaarul.  Each has their own reason, and the other two kings present their reasons to King Dunhurst, but King Balvantz is not sure of his reason and waits to ask Zel’viina for history.  He does vow to protest Mi’atsha being in the contest if history shows him the truth he wants, is true.

In the story, King Balvantz’s kingdom is the one attacked by Queen Zash’hura’s caldron creatures and King Balvantz is thankful for the light Mi’atsha sends.  The attack unnerves him because he doesn’t know the creature and he doesn’t know how to defend against such unforetold strength.

A little later, Ve’laaria attacks King Kurst’s kingdom and afterwards all the ally kings are unsure of how to prepare against their enemies, but Mi’atsha’s magic exposes her as a witch to them and that gives them some hope.

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