By Mykela



Minotaur are a magical creation of Queen Zash’hura.  Queen Zash’hura mixed many different things in her many cauldrons.  This creation she mixed ingredients to make a man and a bull, and these creatures have unforetold strength.  Queen Zash’hura takes one out and tests it in book one after the battle at the farm.  During the first test, she discovers the minotaur’s weakness, and she discovers it outside of her citadel.  The minotaur are severely sensitive to light; light burns them.

Fortunately for Mi’atsha this information is just out on the land and not hidden from her since Queen Zash’hura sent the minotaur outside to test his strength.

Queen Zash’hura then takes one hundred out and assembles them.  At dark she sends them against her enemies in Sōchum Kingdom, where they do a lot of damage.  These creatures battle against Mi’atsha and the dragons with her later when Mi’atsha rescues some girls and the minotaur give Mi’atsha and her allies an idea of what they will battle after the duel in book two.

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