By Mykela

Mister Farmer


Mister Farmer is Mi’atsha’s father and is very insistent that King Dunhurst doesn’t leave soldiers at the farm to help Mi’atsha with planting or harvesting.  He does this as a protection for Mi’atsha.  He tells people she is strange or wasn’t born with a whole loaf and other such things, so people do not think she is a witch.

Long before the story started, Mister Farmer told Mi’atsha not to mourn her mother when her mother died when she was seven.  He told Mi’atsha that the mother would not want her to mourn; the mother would want her to continue working and doing her part.  Many times, in the story, Mi’atsha reflects on this advice, and she continues learning, preparing, and fighting her enemy, instead of mourning all her losses.

When King Dunhurst and his soldiers visit their northern farm, King Dunhurst wants to make sure that Mister Farmer understands that he will require Mister Farmer’s daughter, Mi’atsha, to attend his son’s celebration as a contestant.  Even though King Dunhurst never stated it, Mister Farmer understands that and is very wary of Mi’atsha’s anger when she finds out that she must go.  Also, Mister Farmer knows how Prince Jaarul looks at his daughter and he’s afraid Mi’atsha won’t be coming home.  With his wooden leg, Mister Farmer feels he won’t be able to run the farm alone and he will become a burden to the kingdom.

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